1] Timers can be the further classified into:
Omron has a wide range of timers right from miniature timers to weekly timers. The most common and popular timers are H3CR series , H5CX series , H3CA series , H3Y series.

1] H3CR series
This timer has a size of 48 X 48 is of analog type (setting ring) and is a multifunction timer with many time ranges , operating modes and wide power supply ranges.

2] H5CX series
The most economical in the digital timer series this is available in wide time ranges and also power supply ranges. This is an analog timer with din rail as well as flush mounting sockets.

3] H3CA series
Having a size of 48 X 48 this timer comes with digital setting and LCD display and is also a multifunctional timer with many time ranges and operating modes.

4] H3Y series
This miniature timer has a size of 21.5 X 28 and also incorporates IC ideal for sequence control. Available in time limit DPDT & 4PDT contacts with wide time ranges.

Any other timer of OMRON make is available with hence kindly contact us for further details.

COUNTERS are available in OMRON range with a wide variety ranging from mechanical to
digital counters. Cam Positioners are also available in the OMRON range with relevant encoder The most popular counters are H7E series , H7GP series , H7CX seies , H7CN series , H8PR series (cam positioner).

1] H7E series
This is a miniature counter self powered available in the size 48 X 24. The counter comes in
 different modes i.e. Totalizing Counter , Time Counter , Tachometer and PCB Board use.

2] H7GP series
This too is a toatlizing counter with a size of 48 X 24 but has high visibility LCD display with 8.5 mm high characters and built in red LED backlight at low power consumption.

3] H7CX series
Available in the size 48 X 48 mm. with easy to use functions. All models equipped with
prescale function which displays in units of actual physical parameters (length, volume, etc

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