OMRON manufactures  SMPS from High Grade Power Supplies to very economical ranges. Power Supplies are available in both din rail mounting and panel mounting types. The most popular series are S8JX , S8VM , S8VS &, S82J
1] S8JX series
This is a high grade power supply which is highly reliable and full functioned 15 year life expectancy. Available in 5 , 12 , 15 , & 24 V output voltages. This is also equipped with over voltage & over load protection and remote sensing control fucntions.
2] S8VM series
Powerful yet compact 300 W or 600 W power supplies. Equipped with fan alarm signal warns of impending malfunction. Parallel connection of 2 power supplies is possible for loads drawing high current. Two pairs of output terminals simplify wiring of two loads.

3] S8VS series
Compact direct din track mounting general purpos power supply. Available in 5, 12 and 24 V output voltages. Finger protection terminal covers.

4] S82J series
Compact and highly economical switching power supply with power range upto 150 W. Both open frame and covered type available. Brackets provided for mounting.

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