Being a relatively new technology not much is known but here at ICA We have already a few successful installations to our credit. Few of our applications are Weighing and Identification , Engine Assembly Automation , Laptop Tracking Automation , Access Control Systems etc. The systems supplied by us are complete end to end solutions giving the customer un-manipulated information at all times. Since all the reports are generated by our systems there is absolutely no human intervention or room for error. We have even interfaced bar code readers , modems for sending SMS's and for sending emails to the top management regarding various important reports.

Auto Identification and Data Capture refers to the methods in which equipments both hardware and software automatically reads and recognizes data without the aid of a person. An RFID system is a wireless ID system that exchanges data by communicating between a " Tag " or Data Carrier which is attached to an objector carried by a person and an antenna or Reader Writer. RFID Systems use electrical and electromagnetic .signals for non contact data reading and writing. They allow data to be read and written without being affected by the material or surface condition of the target object. They can be used over a large communications area and offer highly reliable communications. Introduction of RFID Systems makes it possible to " integrate objects and data " to configure highly flexible and reliable systems.

Main features of RFID Systems :

I] Non Contact Data Reading and Writing
Tags can store large amount of data that is necessary for production control.

2] Integrating Objects and Data Allows Highly Flexible and Reliable Systems. Data is distributed to lower the burden on the host system,

3] Advanced Wireless Transmission Technologies and Protocols Enable Highly Reliable
Unlike Bar Codes in which " 1s " and " 0s " must be distinguished . the RFID System
uses highly advanced wireless transmission technologies and protocols.

4] Communication by Electrical and Electromagnetic Signals allows Reading and Writing even with Rough Positioning and Non-Visible Tags.
In contrast with Bar Codes the RFID System communicates with Electrical and Electromagnetic Signals.

Having worked and successfully implemented RFID it gives us vital experience in regards to New Technologies.

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