Omron make relays come in three main categories
1] General Purpose Relays

2] PCB Relays

3] Solid State Relays (SSR)

General Purpose Relays have again the three most popular series
in OMRON , viz :

a] MY series which consists of mainly 2 changeover and 4 changeover relays with contact rating of 5A. This is a Versatile and Function filled Miniature Power Relay for Sequence Control and Power Switching Applications. Many variations possible through a selection of operation indicators (mechanical and LED indicators ) , test button , built in diode and CR (Surge suppression) , bifurcated contacts ,etc. Arc barrier is standard feature on 4 - pole relays. These relays are environment friendly cadmium free contacts with dielectric strength of 2000 VAC  (coil to contact). Various safety standard approvals have been obtained for these relays.
Din Rail mounted sockets as also PCB mounting sockets are available with these relays.

b] MK-I / -S series
This is an exceptionally reliable general purpose relay which features mechanical indicator and push button. Available in 2 changeover and 3 changeover contacts with contact rating
of 10A. It also breaks relatively large load currents despite small size assured with a long life by silver contacts ( minimum 100,000 electrical operations). Standard models have
various international approvals like UL , CSA , TUV , SEV , DEMKO etc.

c] LY series
This is a miniature power relay equipped with an arc barrier having dielectric strength of 2000 V. Available in 1 , 2 , 3 & 4 changeover contacts with contact rating of 15A. Models are available with built in diode , operation indicators (LED) etc. Single pole and double models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/100 VAC , 110/120 VAC , 200/220 VAC , 220/240 VAC or 100/110 VDC. Three pole and four pole models are applicable to operating coils with ratings of 100/110 VAC , 200/220 VAC or 100/110 VDC.

2] PCB Relays

OMRON has a wide range of PCB Relays suitable for any of your applications. The most popular of them are G5V-1 series, G5V-2 series, G6B series & G2R series.

3] SSR 's please get in touch with us for any of your SSR requirement.

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