OMRON range has a huge variety in PLC's. Right from micro PLC's (shoe box series) to the dual redundant systems. The most popular of the series are mentioned below for ready reference:

1] CPM1A series
This is surprisingly the most economical package size PLC with a wide variety of models. The compact design fits into just about any space. Available from 10 I/O's right upto 100 I/O's.

2] CPM2A series
This series has advanced functions and high performance in a very compact package with built in RS232 interface. High speed processing with high speed scan and high speed interrupts. Synchronised pulse control provides easy timing adjustments and hs removable terminal blocks for easy maintenance. Available from 20 I/O's upto 120 I/O's.

3] CQM1H series
A full compliment of functions enables advanced machine control. Equipment functions can be upgraded easily with a variety of advanced Inner Boards. This PLC is ideal for Simple Positioning and Simple Speed Control , Read position data directly from an Absolute encoder Four analog settings for on-site adjustments such as timer settings , Four analog inputs and two analog outputs built into one board , Read high speed pulses of 4 axes at up to 500 kHz & Built in protocol macro function.

4] CS1 series
The CS1 CPU's boast amazing capacity with upto 5120 I/O points, 250 Ksteps of programming , 448 Kwords of data memory (including expanded data memory) , and 4096
timers / counters (each). A total of nine CPU unit models provides for a range of applications from small scale systems to large

MMI (Man Machine Interface) OMRON has a wide variety of them right from two line upto huge touch screen. To suit your various applications you can choose the correct one that fits your requirement. The most popular models in the range are NT2S , NT11S , NT31C & NT631C. Kindly get in touch with us immediately for more information on them.
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