Photo-electric sensors are available in the follwoing types:

a) Built in Amplifier Type are very popular with the miniature E3Z series , Cylindrical E3F3 series , and economical E3R series.

b) Built in Power Supply Type include the two very popular series E3JM and E3JK series.

c) Narrow Beam Type include the series E3Z-LS and E3Z-L

d) Separate Amplifier types have the series E3C Amplifiers used with various sensors for different applications.

e) Optical Fibre Sensors have the series E3X , E3X-N and E3XR for variuos applications. If
you need any further deatils on these OPTICAL FIBRE SENSORS please get in otuchwith us.
f) Laser Dispalcement sensors include the series ZX and ZG.
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