Limit Switches can be the further classified into:

a.i) General Purpose Limit Switches which contain the popular series WL , D4A , & D4D. You will get a wide selection of two circuit limit switches available in roller lever , roller plunger , flexible rod , and microload models.

a.ii) Enclosed Switches contain the popular models ZE , ZC , SHL , D4MC , D4C & D4CC.
These switches have long service life and large breaking power and are available with
various models of built in switches ( including split contact model, maintained operation,
magnetic blowout model) alongwith various actuators.

a.iii) Miniature Explosion Proof Limit Switches have the popular series WLF6E with Terminal
Block. This switch meets IEC Standards and is ideal for Hydrogen Atmospheres in Class 1 &
Class 2 Hazardous Locations. This switch can also be used outdoors.

a.iv) Multiple Limit Switches contain two popular models SB & VB. The SB switch is a subminiature mulitple limit switch with 8-mm pitch between plungers. This is ideal for machine tools and sequential control. SB series is available in 2 , 4 & 6 plunger types. The
VB series is a monoblock mulitple limit switch incorporating a head box with a tough head
and ensuring high sealing performance and a mechanical life of 5,000,000 operations. This
type is also available in 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 & 6 plunger models.

a.v) Mechanical Touch Switches has the series D5B which detects objects in multiple
directions with high sensitivity and is ideal for robotics. It has a gold plated contact with
coil spring capable of switching micro current / voltage load while providing high contact
reliability. High Precision Switches include the series D5A & D5F for detecting micron unit
displacement. They are also ideal for measuring wear of cutting tools or for original point
of work. The optical system achieves 1 um opearting position repeatability in this 4 way

a.vii) The other models include Touch Switches & Safety Door Switches

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