1) Simplex & Duplex Panels with walk way.

2) Curved Graphic & Cubicle type panels.

3) Desk type & Full Graphic panels.

4) Semigraphic panels with mimic on acrylic, fibre glass or mosaic

5) Instrument Racks.

6) PLC & Relay based panels.

7) Purged & Explosion proof panels.

8) Analyser shelter for hazardous location.

9) Intrinsically safe & Weather proof panels.

10) Pneumatic interlock panels.

11) Pneumatic well-head shut down panels for off-shore oil platforms.

12) All types of pneumatic logic panels for diesel engine driven pumps, compressors & generators.


1) Basic design & engineering

2) Technical advice

3) Selection/Sourcing of equipments & systems

4) Detailed engineering

5) Application software development

6) Manufacturing of panels

7) Integrated testing of system

8) Erection of sites

9) Pre-commissioning checks

10) Assistance in plant commissioning

11) Post sales support

12) Post warranty support

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